The Future We See

We see a future in which our foodshed nourishes the well-being of our region and all living within it. 

We envision a thriving economy. We think of a thriving economy as one where there is growth in food-related jobs, locally-owned farms and food businesses, ultimately keeping more food dollars in the local economy. And this growth is balanced with increased attention to managing land, water and air with sustainable practices that support resilient systems.

In this future, residents of Northern Colorado are well, too. They are proud to live here because they are connected to this place, to their neighbors, and to their food. They are physically and mentally healthy as a result of  these connections and their ability to make informed choices. We want each person in our region to feel sustained and secure in their food options and able to be creative with how they nourish themselves and their families.


Our vision is big and will have many milestones along the way. 

Our first milestone is one in which a much greater portion of local agricultural products are also sold locally. In 2017, in Larimer County, 1.0% of agricultural products were sold locally, either directly to consumers or through an intermediary such as a restaurant or grocery store. Comparable counties with strong local food economies have local sales ranging from 10-20%.

We are therefore aiming to reach 10% by 2027 when this statistic will be measured again. Achieving this would benefit not only farmers but also bring many benefits to our community at large, from healthier, food-aware citizens to increased food entrepreneurship to a more vibrant restaurant scene.