Our work is project-based. This means that we will approach any community need as an independent challenge, and then work within the community to identify the best solution. In some cases, this might mean simply raising a small amount of funds and then letting others take it from there. Other times, it might mean establishing a for-profit model, finding the right investors, and helping an entrepreneur succeed. In other cases, it might mean taking ownership from the start, and integrating the outcome into the non-profit.  We are already working on a few projects, so read on for more information.


In 2021, the Foodshed Project received a planning grant from the USDA AMS Regional Food System Partnerships program, in partnership with The Growing Project, ReKaivery, Poudre Valley Community Farms, The Family Center/La Familia, and CSU Extension. Over the next two years, we’ll work together with organizations and community members to design and build a more equitable, vibrant, and resilient local food system in Northern Colorado.


We are excited to launch our newest program – the Foodshed Project Farm Business Accelerator! The Accelerator program supports beginning farmers by building a bridge between initial on-farm training and business viability. We provide beginning farmers with everything they need to establish a successful farm business: land and water access, infrastructure, business education through a partnership with Colorado State University (CSU) Extension’s Building Farmers Program, technical support, mentorship, and marketing assistance.


We have developed The Certified Local Program in recognition and celebration of Northern Colorado restaurants supporting the local food economy. The program verifies that restaurants listing local farms and producers on their menus are regularly purchasing from them, which ensures the benefits of farm-to-table are shared with producers. In return for your commitment to growing our local food economy, this certification will recognize you for your efforts, and we will work to improve our local food system’s capacity to meet your needs as a restaurateur. 

As detailed in our post, we are beginning conversations about how best to grow the downtown Fort Collins farmers market. Comparable cities in other regions often have permanent structures for their flagship farmers markets, providing shelter, bathrooms, and storage space. Beautiful farmers market structures help make weekly markets a destination. We believe Fort Collins deserves such a structure. Please help us plan and build it by providing your support.