Project based

Our work is project-based. This means that we will approach any community need as an independent challenge, and then work within the community to identify the best solution. In some cases, this might mean simply raising a small amount of funds and then letting others take it from there. Other times, it might mean establishing a for-profit model, finding the right investors, and helping an entrepreneur succeed. In other cases, it might mean taking ownership from the start, and integrating the outcome into the non-profit.  We are already working on a few projects, so read on for more information.


Certified Local

We are developing a point-based certification for restaurants that will allow them to demonstrate that they are supporters of the local food economy. With the growth of farm-to-table, we worry that too many restaurants are reaping the benefits of this without truly supporting local. This certification will ensure that menus that list local farms are regularly purchasing from them. At the same time, the broader project will make it easier for them to do so. Win-win! With your support, we will roll out this program in 2020.  


Farmers Market Structure

As detailed in our post, we are beginning conversations about how best to grow the downtown Fort Collins farmers market. Comparable cities in other regions often have permanent structures for their flagship farmers markets, providing shelter, bathrooms, and storage space. Beautiful farmers market structures help make weekly markets a destination. We believe Fort Collins deserves such a structure. Please help us plan and build it by providing your support. 


Collaboration with PVCF

We are creating a working relationship with Poudre Valley Community Farms to build needed food system elements on land that they manage. PVCF works to provide affordable long-term access to farmland for farmers, so infrastructure such as a food hub, or even farm development programs such as a farm incubator, may fall outside their mission. In these instances, PVCF will provide the land while the Foodshed Project does the rest! Help us move this relationship forward by providing general support.