Poudre Food Partnership



The Poudre Food Partnership was formed to complete the research and planning objectives of a two-year USDA Regional Food System Partnerships (RFSP) planning grant awarded to The Northern Colorado Foodshed Project, The Growing Project, The Family Center/La Familia, ReKaivery, Poudre Valley Community Farms, and Colorado State University (CSU) Extension.

This project brings together public, private, and nonprofit organizations, along with community members, producers, and resources, to design and build a more equitable, vibrant, and resilient local food system in Northern Colorado. Our goal for the project is to address three key areas of growth and opportunity: Food Sovereignty & Access, Community Outreach & Education, and Production Growth & Land Access.


This process will result in a strategic action plan that will be the foundation for applying to a second-phase implementation grant which will provide us the financial support needed to put those ideas into practice. For the duration of this effort, the Partnership will work alongside individuals and organizations in a coordinated effort to set priorities, connect resources and services, and measure progress towards common goals including:

  • Convening authentic community collaborations with established and potential partners to envision, define, and design the local food system scope and structure.

  • Conducting a comprehensive food systems needs assessment to understand community needs and develop innovative, sustainable, and community-driven solutions toward a more equitable, vibrant, and resilient local food system.

  • Establishing a local food equity advisory council to promote interconnectivity and inclusivity by prioritizing marginalized voices in the local food system, generating a dialogue between diverse stakeholders and community members, and building capacity for leaders in a more equitable framework.


A key component of this partnership is you – our future partners! Over the next two years, we will convene and collaborate with other organizations, community members, key stakeholders, and local government to collaborate on developing community-led solutions to strengthen our local food system. If you are interested in working together and supporting local food systems development and impact, we’d love for you to join us!