The overarching and long-term vision of the Poudre Food Partnership is to “create an equitable food system, ensuring equal rights of all people within the system, prioritizing community health, and providing adequate, affordable, equitable, and socially and culturally appropriate food access and economic opportunity for all”. We know that long-term and sustainable systems change takes time, and we’re committed to taking the time needed to build a long-lasting equitable, vibrant, and resilient local food system. In this planning and design phase, we’ll be focused on discovering, learning, sharing, and ideating.

Working groups will be the primary method used to complete our community assessments. Each working group serves as a sub-committee of the Poudre Food Partnership and will help plan and carry out the work needed to meet its respective goals. The members of each working group are the collective brain and heart that helps steward our community assessments.

We have officially formed our working groups and are hard at work discussing and developing innovative solutions in Public Outreach & Policy, Community Support, Producer Support and Markets & Infrastructure. Stay tuned to the Poudre Food Partnership website to learn about the incredible folks in each working group.

Massive gratitude for our incredible partners in this project: