Current Fundraiser: Farm Business Accelerator Campaign

Help Support Beginning Farmers!

We are currently raising money to support our Farm Business Accelerator program!  We need the community’s help to support this program and beginning farmers in our region.

There are significant barriers to entry in modern farming. The cost of land access, irrigation water, infrastructure and materials can easily discourage an aspiring farmer, and deprive our region of locally grown food. To address that issue, we have created the Farm Business Accelerator Program. The Accelerator is a three-year program offering beginning farmers an alternative entry point to establishing a farm business, as well as a pathway to affordable, long-term land access.  We accomplish this goal by offering low-cost access to everything needed to launch a successful farm business: land and watershared infrastructuretechnical support, mentorship, marketing assistance, and business education. In this way, the program serves as a bridge towards viability for those with existing farm skills and experience who are looking to take that difficult next step into owning their own business. 

The only way that we can offer this crucial assistance is through the generous support of our Northern Colorado community. By donating, you will be directly providing beginning farmers with the infrastructure needed to successfully establish a farm business in Northern Colorado. This investment in local agriculture will benefit our community many times over for years to come. Donations made to the Farm Business Accelerator Campaign will go directly to fund infrastructure for the 2024 growing season and support our next cohort of farmers. Currently, we are raising funds for the following:

  • An equipment storage shed ($8,000)– It’s a well know fact that, except for plants, most all things last longer when they are kept out of direct rain and sunlight. By providing an adequate, protected storage space, we can keep our equipment in good working order, and provide sheltered spaces for our participants to store their own sensitive items.
  • A seedling greenhouse ($13,000)– The Colorado growing season is quite short. By providing our participants with a shared, heated space to germinate seedlings, they can get a valuable head start on the season’s growing, extending the harvest window and providing more food. The greenhouse can also be used in the late fall to extend the harvest season beyond what would be possible in an exposed outdoor location.
  • Expanded electric, water and irrigation infrastructure ($6,000)– Both of these projects above require electricity and water to work as intended. While its not the most glamorous task in the world, if we properly build-out off our existing utilities we can set up our participants for maximum success in their endeavors, and place ourselves in a good position as the Accelerator Program continues to expand. 


Donations can be made online using the form below or by check. Please make checks out to: Northern Colorado Foodshed Project; Mail to: P.O. Box 78, Laporte, CO 80535). If you would like more information or have questions please contact Carli Donoghue at .


  • We are charged a 2.3% fee on all credit/debit card donations. We kindly ask that if you would like to donate over $1,000 to please consider sending your gift by check. We want to make sure that every dollar contributed goes to supporting growth in the local food economy and direct donations make this possible.
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