About Us


Who we are

Since 2015, the board and members of Poudre Valley Community Farms, A Land Cooperative, have been working to keep farmland in our community and connect farmers to that land with affordable, long-term leases. In the course of that work, they realized that, while essential, farmland and farmers are just one part of a vibrant local food economy. PVCF has thus led the creation of the Northern Colorado Foodshed Project to achieve that broader goal.

Though PVCF has been instrumental in the launch of the Foodshed Project, it is an independent entity run by its own board of directors. We are still building that board, but intend for it to be made up of a variety of stakeholders from across the local food system. If you are interested in helping out, contact us!

Current Board
Kevin Jablonski, Board President
Poudre Valley Community Farms

Dawn Thilmany, Board Member
CSU Office of Engagement

Liz Grossi, Board Member
City of Fort Collins, Communications & Public Involvement
Co-Owner, The Regional

Haydn Christensen, Board Member
Colorado Fresh Farms

Max Moss, Board Member
Montava/ HF2M

Alyssa McConkey, Board Member
Earth Force

Gabi Graves, Executive Director



What is a foodshed?

Your foodshed is the geographic area that your food moves through on its journey from seed to plate. Like your watershed, you and your actions are inextricably tied to your foodshed, whether you realize it or not. A major goal of the Northern Colorado Foodshed Project is to increase everyone’s awareness of their foodshed and how their food choices affect human communities and the natural world. As we grow, we will add more information to this page, so stay tuned.